New Evidence Postpones Sentencing Phase in Rose Pizem Murder Trial

Lawyer claims convicted man made 'interesting statement.'

The closing arguments and sentencing in the murder trial of Ronny Ron and Marie Charlotte Renault for the death of Roze Pizem were postponed on Monday due to new information.

The couple's lawyer said Ron had told him something that needs to be investigated, and that it is likely to affect the sentencing and the verdict.

Ronny Ron and Marie Charlotte Renault, 2009.
Nir Keidar

Two weeks ago, the Petah Tikva District Court convicted the French woman and her lover, the father of her ex-husband, of killing her 4-year-old daughter, Rose, whose body was found in September 2008 in the Yarkon River.

Ron, Rose's grandfather, was convicted of first-degree murder, while Renault was convicted of soliciting the murder. Prosecution lawyers have requested both Ron and Renault be given life sentences.

Attorney Benyamin Nahari, whom Ron's family hired earlier this week, said at the opening of the court session yesterday he had a long talk with Ron on Sunday and "he made an interesting statement, not about changing his version or accusing someone else, but a serious, interesting statement I must investigate and verify." He asked for a short delay in the hearing.

The attorney would not say what Ron had told him until he verifies it, but said could complete the investigation in a short time and advise the prosecution in the nest few days.

"It is likely to have a considerable effect on the verdict," he said.

Renault also asked the court to delay the closing arguments until she could examine her medical records on her health at the time of the murder, so she could ask for a reduced sentence.

Judges Avraham Tal, Achikam Stoler and Ruth Lorch postponed the hearing to June 13 and instructed Nahari to inform the prosecution and the court what argument he intends to make within a week.