New Drivers Targeted in Safety Campaign

Or Yarok (Green Light association for safer driving in Israel) yesterday launched a educational campaign aimed at young drivers. The campaign - called Green Light for Life - will start as an experimental project in Ra'anana and Afula, and will only will only be introduced nationwide at a later stage. The goal of the project is to reach all of the 100,000 new drivers who obtain a license for the first time every year.

The project is centered around the distribution of the Green Light for Life kit, which was prepared by Green Light and road safety experts, in cooperation with the Transportation Ministry, the Vehicle Licensing Authority and the Education Ministry, as well as Ra'anana and Afula municipalities. The kit provides young drivers with innovative and interactive tools to practice situations that arise during driving, and to put right incorrect driving habits.

The kit includes an instruction video, user-friendly teaching aids, a computer disk with animated examples of dangerous situations on the road and a road atlas.

Avi Naor, chairman of Or Yarok, says that the purpose of the project "is to guarantee that the period of time that new drivers must be accompanied by a more experienced driver is utilized to the best effect, to equip the new drivers with the experience and knowledge they will need to deal with situations that arise on the road."