New Bill Proposes State Compensate Victims of Underworld Shootings

MK David Rotem: There is no difference between terrorist and criminal attacks.

A bill requiring the state to compensate victims of criminal attacks in the same way that it compensates victims of terror attacks was submitted to the Knesset Tuesday by MK David Rotem (Yisrael Beiteinu).

"There is no difference in the outcome between a terrorist act carried out by a terrorist and a terrorist act carried out by a criminal," Rotem said, explaining the reason for the bill. He added that the state ought to know that if it did not prevent crime, it would have to pay.

Rotem said he proposed the bill after learning that the family of Margarita Lautin - an innocent bystander who was killed in front of her children on the Bat Yam beach in late July in what police think was a gangland assassination attempt gone awry - was receiving nothing more than survivors' benefits of NIS 2,000 a month. The war between criminal organizations, he said, takes the lives of people "whose only sin was being in a place where a crime was being committed."

Rotem conceded that if the bill passed, criminals or their families who were victims of a gangland assassination might demand compensation.

However, he responded, if the head of a criminal organization is killed, his family is not to blame.