Netanyahu Will Address U.S. Jews on Iran Deal in Live Webcast Speech

Prime minister plans webcast to be broadcast across U.S. in attempt to swing tides against nuclear accord.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly address the U.S. Jewish community on the nuclear deal with Iran as part of an attempt to lobby support against the international accord.

Netanyahu will be reaching out to the American Jewish community in a live webcast next Tuesday, reports said, addressing the agreement and its implications for Israel, the Middle East and the world. A question and answer period will follow his remarks, according to an email invitation.

The webcast is hosted the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations together with Jewish Federations across the nation.

“The Prime Minister will be speaking from his office in Jerusalem and anyone with internet access will be able to access the discussion. The broadcast is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th at 1:00 pm EDT. We urge you to widely publicize this important telecast to maximize participation,” the AFL said in a message to its supporters.

The hashtag #JFedTalk was picked to promote and discuss the prime minister’s objection of the deal on Twitter. 

The live feed will be available on computers, mobile phones and synagogues across the U.S., AFP reported.

"The issues involved with the Iran nuclear agreement are complex and of great consequence to the North American Jewish population," said Stephen Greenberg, chairman of the Presidents' Conference, told AFP.

"We welcome this unique opportunity to present the prime minister, who has helped bring these vital issues to public attention," he reportedly added.

Oppositional defiance

Congress has the power within the next two months to kill the July 14 agreement between world powers and Iran, which gives Iran sanctions relief in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program. But opponents of the deal must muster two-thirds majorities in both chambers of Congress to override the veto Obama has promised of any would-be deal-killing bill.

Netanyahu has called the deal a mistake of historic proportion and recently claimed public opinion was swaying in his favor and against the accord. "This deal, the more that you learn about it, the opposition to it increases," Netanyahu told Israeli diplomatic correspondents in his bureau in Jerusalem this week. 

Obama meets Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House, 2012.

"As people know more about it, they become more opposed to it. This is also true about the American public. The debate in the U.S. is important and you can see the shift." 

Meanwhile, in a phone call with supporters on Thursday, President Barack Obama characterized opponents of the Iran deal as being backed by “billionaires” and urged those listening in to win over “squishy” lawmakers considering opposing the deal.

Opponents “would be opposed to any deal with Iran,” Obama told the supporters, who were invited to the 20-minute phone call through an array of liberal organizations backing the international nuclear agreement.

The $20-million figure apparently refers to Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, a group affiliated with AIPAC that has raised at least that much for advertisements to persuade members of Congress to kill the deal.

J Street, a liberal Jewish Middle East policy group, has raised over $4 million to run its own ads in support of the deal.

Jacob Kornbluh is a political correspondent for