Netanyahu: War Lost Israel Its Deterrence

"The greatest failure as a result of the war is that Israel's deterrent capability has been severely harmed," opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset yesterday.

The opposition had given the government "full support to achieve the [war's] goals, but [it] failed to do so," he said.

Netanyahu addressed the plenum after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke.

"During the war we faced one front," he continued. "Now we face three fronts. In Lebanon, Hezbollah has built up the ordnance it had before the war. The Gaza Strip has been turning into a second Lebanon, including tunnels and bunkers. The Philadelphi Route has become a highway for arms smuggling.

"All that the Winograd Committee said can be summarized in one statement: The Government of Israel is shell shocked, and every day that passes with this government reduces Israel's deterrent capability and endangers its security. This government must go to the people." (Shahar Ilan)