Netanyahu's New Neighbors Annoyed by Disruptive Security Measures

Ceasarea neighborhood council threatens to protest at Netanyahu's home, say they are not told of local changes made on PM's behalf.

The neighbors of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Caesarea claim that since his election their quality of life has suffered at the hands of stringent security measures.

Neighbors complain that last week hit a new peak when bulldozers cut down dozens of acacia trees and destroyed wild growth in public areas near the prime minister's home, without informing the locals, and without permission from local authorities.

The residents' council is threatening to initiate protests in front of Netanyahu's home in the upscale residential area if the security measures continue to infringe on their quality of life.

"I paid a lot of money for this green area," a neighbor said. She complains that the clearing of the vegetation has left her "exposed."

"They could have trimmed the trees. Who is going to guarantee that when his tenure in office is over they will restore the green area?" she asked.

This was just one of many complaints. For example, in the backyard of one of the homes, the prime minister's security has set up a bathroom for the guards.

Also, roadblocks on both sides of the road are set up during the weekends, when the prime minister and his family visit their home, and residents are forced to undergo tight security checks.

"Every weekend it's a party here," a member of the local council said. "We cannot receive guests, the guards leave trays of food and other trash behind them."