Netanyahu: Iran Is Accelerating Progress Toward Nuclear Weapons

Meeting with visiting U.S. congressman Mike Rogers in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said information revealed Thursday proves Iran continues to ignore international demands.

Information revealed this week proves that Iran is still pursuing nuclear weapons, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told visiting U.S. congressman Rep. Mike Rogers on Friday.

Citing sources, Reuters reported on Thursday that Iran is continuing to install many more uranium enrichment centrifuges in its Fordo facility, which is buried deep inside a mountain, in order to protect it from a military strike. One source suggested Iran had already installed hundreds of enrichment machines.

Meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu told Rogers, who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that the report was "additional proof that Iran is continuing its accelerated progress to obtain nuclear weapons, while completely ignoring international demands."

Iran is using the Fordo facility, near the holy city of Qom, to enrich uranium to a fissile concentration of 20 percent. The West fears Iran's actions are aimed at paving a way for the manufacturing of nuclear bombs. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.