Netanya Man Stabbed Kids 150 Times, Planned It for Weeks

Itai Ben Dror indicted on charges of murdering his three children in Netanya last month.

A Netanya man was indicted yesterday on charges of murdering his three children. According to the charge sheet, Itai Ben Dror stabbed the children a total of 150 times as they slept under the influence of sedatives he had slipped into their drinks.

Ben Dror, 38, was charged in Petah Tikva District Court with the premeditated murder of his children Or, 5, Roni, 8, and Omer, 10, in an act described as vengeance against his ex-wife.

According to the indictment, Ben Dror decided in early July to murder his children during the weekend he was scheduled to spend with them as part of the shared custody agreement with his former spouse. The plan was for him to commit the murders on his ex-wife's birthday.

Itai Ben Dror
Nir Keidar

The indictment describes the defendant's steps ahead of the alleged murders, including purchasing an 18 cm-blade knife and a butcher's 13 cm-blade knife. He allegedly bought adhesive tape to cover their mouths and stocked up on anti-anxiety pills and alcohol, with which he was going to commit suicide after carrying out the killings.

Ben Dror allegedly also prepared a suitcase of clothes and NIS 1,500, in the event his suicide attempt failed, and wrote a detailed note requesting the bag be brought to him in the hospital.

The suicide notes were dated July 21, three days ahead of the alleged July 24 murders, the charge sheet says.

On the day of the murders, Ben Dror allegedly took his three children out for a day of fun at the circus and a restaurant before taking them home and lacing their drinks with sleeping pills.

Once the children had fallen asleep, Ben Dror allegedly checked for the location of the body's main arteries on the Internet, drank two beers and entered the room where his two sons, Or and Omer were sleeping.

Ben Dror allegedly placed a towel over Or's face and stabbed him 29 times. Or apparently struggled with his father and Ben Dror was cut as a result. He then allegedly proceeded to stab Omer 38 times and Roni 70 times, before laying the three bodies next to each other in his bedroom and covering them up with a sheet.

The defendant then drank whiskey and slit his wrists, and fell asleep, according to the indictment.

At about 9 the next morning, his father called and wanted to take his grandchildren out for breakfast, but Ben Dror told him they were asleep. When he said the same thing two hours later, his father grew suspicious and came to the apartment, where he found his grandchildren dead.

Ben Dror was found fit to stand trial after a close psychiatric evaluation.

Ben Dror said during a court hearing two weeks ago that he killed his children to give them relief from their mother and that they are waiting for him in heaven. He said that he heard voices that told him to commit the murders.

After killing his children, the defendant said he drank a glass of whiskey and took some pills, hoping to die.