Netanya Family Busted With Massive Haul of Stolen Hotel Goods

Piles of towels, hundreds of bags of Turkish coffee and toiletries found in family home during police raid.

The raid on the Netanya home had been planned for a while as part of a campaign against minors suspected of breaking and entering. But the detectives who carried out the raid were surprised to find something unusual: Throughout the home were sacks full of hundreds of packets of coffee, dozens of new towels bearing hotel logos, and various complimentary toiletries provided by prestigious hotels.

The items are believed to have been pilfered from the Sheraton-Moriah in Eilat during the past week, when the family vacationed there.

"We got to the place with a search warrant, which we also had for other homes in the city, when the owner opened the door and appeared tired, and said they had just returned from a hotel in Eilat," an officer at the Sharon Police juvenile division told Haaretz Sunday. "But as soon as we entered the house we noticed piles of hotel towels, over 60, hundreds of bags of Turkish coffee were on the kitchen counter and they were falling over on the floor, and there was a lot of toiletries and other items from hotels."

The officer said that initially the family tried to justify taking the items by saying that these were "souvenirs" and that "everyone does it," explaining that the volume of the loot reflects the size of their family.

But when the mother realized that the officers planned to arrest the juveniles for theft, she said she had taken the items, and was held for questioning at the police station.

"The quantity of towels and other items was so large, we needed another patrol car to move it to the station," an officer said.

The mother was released to five days' house arrest and the police informed the hotel of the find. It remains unclear how the family managed to leave the hotel with such a large quantity of stolen items.