Neighbors: PM Using Security Excuse to Skirt Traffic

"This is the worst possible idea," attorney Gabriel Schechtman said yesterday of the idea of paving a special road through the Heruvei Caesarea nature reserve to connect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in Caesarea with the Coastal Highway.

"I don't understand why the prime minister can't use Caesarea's existing roads, why for 'security reasons,' you need to destroy a nature reserve," added Schechtman, a member of Caesarea's residents' committee. "I think the only consideration is an attempt to save him a few minutes of time, so he won't have to wait in the main road's bumper-to-bumper traffic like one of the people. But to destroy a nature reserve for that?!

"I think that as a neighbor, the prime minister needs to think about the entire region's quality of life and not destroy the reserve," he added. "He needs to intervene personally in this decision and not hide behind security reasons."

If he doesn't, the residents committee will fight the decision by all legal means, Schechtman vowed.

But Miri Raveh, another Caesarean, said if the road is necessary for security then "the life and safety of the prime minister take precedence over the life of a gecko, a marten or a grasshopper."

But if the purpose is really only to save the prime minister time, she added, then damaging the reserve would be unjustified.