Nationalist Fever / Shame on You!

Nationalist fever is a mental disease and the whole world knows that no nation is immune, Israel's leaders were the first to come down with the disease.

By now it is clear that we're dealing with a nationalist fever, which is a mental disease. And the whole experience-weary world knows that no nation is immune from this mosquito's bite.

At the beginning of the term it still seemed we'd be able to overcome the plague. That was an illusion. Israel was caught without a supply of vaccine, its emergency storerooms empty. The leaders were the first to come down with it.

The Knesset was taken over by a savage tribe, called up by rabbis, settlers and other moon-struck and sun-struck delusionists with their tom-tom drums. Democracy is struggling to defend itself from those eating its flesh.

Is the 18th Knesset the last in our parliamentary regime? Serious warnings from the near past have not been heeded. This time it would behoove us to listen, because it will end in tears. No people in the world loves to sit on rivers of tears and bemoan its fate as we do. Two thousand years of specializing in victimization are calling us like seductive sirens, drawing us to our sovereignty's death - not for the first, but for the third time.

One defective law follows another - the legislators are in a frenzy and the boat is about to go down. First they pass the admission-committees law, then the law of loyalty to state, flag and anthem, the law giving priority to released soldiers in civil service jobs; denying terrorists' citizenship; the Nakba Law; the law prohibiting incitement against the state; the law pardoning disengagement opponents. This week it was the Boycott Law.

Now they are set to lay their hand on the Supreme Court, clip its wings and turn it into a lame duck. Also coming soon - toddlers waving the national flag and singing the anthem under the education minister's baton.

Each one of these laws is tainted, but together they indicate an ongoing gangrene. If they don't start amputating limbs, the whole body is in mortal danger. With a surgeon like the attorney general, the patient has no chance.

There is no point to returning to our vomit and pouring it on the foxes' heads. Suffice to look at the picture of them triumphing on Tuesday, hugging Zeev Elkin, sponsor of the Boycott Law. They no longer interest us. Let them jerk around in their Saint Vitus Dance, another disease marked by convulsions and spasms.

Soon we will lose interest in the lions who have become tails as well. They shouldn't have been in a brown-colored government to begin with, they were not expected to cooperate with fascists. They had undertaken to thwart the deterioration from the inside, to try to stop the plunge into the abyss.

You have gone bankrupt. We are sick of those holier-than-thou, self-righteous Jabotinsky students, the primped-up Beitar democrats and liberals, clinging to the branch their colleagues are cutting off, paying lip service with pious statements for the protocol. Shame on you, all of you, the Rivlins and the Begins, the Meridors and the Eitans.

We're also fed up with those who abstain from voting or who absent themselves, or are forced by their faction's decision to toe the line. And everything you do is for the Land of Israel, for which it is okay to eat pork.

History has seen what befalls nations and states, when the defeatists and cowards, the dodgers and evaders, are exposed in all their incompetence. They have always had explanations and excuses when democracy fell. Analogies don't have to be accurate in every detail to be valid, to serve as a warning light on the last path.

There is a time to cover pubic areas and a time to expose them, and now you have no choice but to shake yourselves free of them and break off contact. You have agreed to walk together thus far. From here on you must part. The pure olive oil in which you were anointed princes has run out.