Palestinian Music Video Urges Arabs to Run Over Settlers

Makers of video, identified by Israeli media as two Ramallah residents, call on viewers to 'turn street into a trap,' after Jerusalem attack which killed an infant and a 22-year-old woman.

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A new video reportedly made by two Ramallah residents is calling on Arabic speakers to run over babies, a reference to an attack last month in which a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into a light rail station in Jerusalem, killing an infant and a 22-year-old woman.

"They [settlers in the West Bank] ran over our child two months ago, so we now reply back," the lyrics go. "Run over, run over the settlers."

The makers of the video, identified by Channel 2 News as Ramallah residents Sharim Anas Jaradat and Abu Kayed, also urge viewers to “turn the street into a trap.”

As part of what some are calling a “car intifada,” the song was making its social media rounds as cartoons have been circulating on Twitter encouraging Palestinians to run over Israelis. The cartoons feature depictions of speedometers, car pedals and pedestrians being run over, with Arabic captions urging Palestinians to perpetrate more such attacks against Israelis.

Three lives have been claimed by two recent terror attacks in Jerusalem in which cars have been used as weapons, and a vehicle plowed into three Israeli soldiers in an attack in the West Bank last week. Before that, there had been several attacks in Jerusalem by terrorists driving construction vehicles such as bulldozers.

In Nazareth, meanwhile, a large billboard below police headquarters in Israel’s largest Arab city also appears to be encouraging additional attacks. But according to a Walla news report, slogans including “Trampling organization in Nazareth” and “Do you want to be a trampler?” turned out to be part of an ad campaign for an unspecified educational institution.