Murder Victim Karp Tried to Dial Emergency Number, Police Find

In the final minutes of his life, Aryeh Karp tried to dial the police emergency number and get help, police learned from his cellular transcripts yesterday.

Karp was beaten to death by a gang on the Tel Baruch beach two weeks ago, and his body was found in the water the following morning.

Yesterday, three suspects were charged with murder in the Tel Aviv District Court. The three are Jamil Ades, 25, Abd al-Rahman Ades, 21, and a minor whose name cannot be released, all residents of Jaljulya.

Four other people were charged in the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court yesterday in connection to the incident: Fadi Jaber, Fuad Musa and Mahmoud Ades, all 19-year-olds from Jaljulya, and Or Levy from Kfar Sava, a 19-year-old female soldier. They were charged with not preventing a crime, and failing to offer assistance in keeping with the "good Samaritan" law.

It is unusual for charges to be pressed on the basis of this law.

A total of 10 people were originally arrested - eight men from Jaljulya, and two women.

The second woman, a minor from Petah Tikva, was not charged.

Justice Ministry officials said a decision has not been made as to whether she will be charged. Her attorney, Uri Keinan, told Haaretz that as far as he knows, she will not be indicted.

Haaretz reported yesterday that the minor, Levy and two other suspects will serve as prosecution witnesses against those charged with murder.

The indictment revealed the exchange between the victim and the suspects that led to the assault. At 12:30 A.M., the minor left his friends, who had been drinking on the beach. He ran into Karp, who was on the promenade with his wife and daughter, and asked him to "fix him up" with one of the women. The family began to walk away.

The minor called two of his friends over, and they ran over, attacking Karp's wife and throwing his daughter to the ground. The mother yelled to the daughter to run and get help.

The daughter ran down the beach, and her mother, whose arm was broken in the incident, eventually caught up to her.

The suspects continued to assault Karp after his wife and daughter escaped, beating him in the head and the upper body, even after he fell to the ground and begged them to stop. When he managed to stand up, they threw him to the ground again and continued assaulting him.

The indictment states that the other suspects stood by watching, and did nothing to stop the assault. The female minor screamed at them to stop, but they ignored her, and one of the murder suspects punched her in the face.

The assailants left Karp only when they heard other people approaching from the beach.

It is not clear how Karp's body wound up in the water; the suspects said they do not know.

However, prosecutor Menachem Mizrahi said the autopsy showed clearly that Karp did not die from drowning, but from the assault.

After the attack, the suspects purchased alcohol, went to the Horshim forest, drank and danced.

The defense attorney for Abd al-Rahman Ades, Nashef Darwish, said the drinking after the incident "suggests there was no premeditation."

Asher Chen, who represents the minor accused of murder, said "the indictment is the result of the atmosphere created by the media" and claimed that the prosecution is "unable to use evidence to link the start and the final outcome of the incident."