Murder Suspect Rapes Woman Before Turning Self in to Police

Two murder suspects, both members of a crime organization, turned themselves in to the police on Sunday. One of the two is also suspected of raping a woman from Taibeh earlier that morning.

The two are senior members of the Abdel Kader crime family, until recently one of the most violent in Israel, police sources said. The organization's feud with the Hariri clan has led to the murder of 50 crime family associates and the death of women and children in the Israeli Arab towns of central Israel.

Two years ago, Hariri clan member Wasim Salameh was abducted by the Abdel Kaders. He was badly beaten, taken to the outskirts of Taibeh and shot in the head. His body was found six months later.

Police arrested the top Abdel Kader leaders and the hired hitmen. But the murder suspects - Ali and Seif Abdel Kader - disappeared for the following year.

On Sunday morning, Seif Abdel Kader walked into an accountant's office in Taibeh and allegedly beat and raped a female employee. A few hours later, he and Ali turned himself into the central district police.

"He apparently knew he was going to be put behind bars for many years and decided to unleash his anger on the woman in a shocking act of brutality," a central unit source said yesterday.

The two will be indicted for their involvement in Salameh's murder. Seif will be charged with rape and battery as well.