Mortar Explodes in Open Area in Golan; No Injuries Reported

IDF says mortar most likely errant fire from fighting inside Syria.

Yaron Kaminsky

A mortar shell exploded on Friday evening in the northern Golan Heights. The shell landed in an open area in the Alonei HaBashan area, and there were no injuries or damage reported. Rocket sirens went off minutes before.

The IDF said the mortar was probably errant fire from the fighting that has been raging in Syria, in this case in the Quneitra crossing area.

The Syrian civil war has been spilling over Israel's northern border in the past months. Last week, an Israeli soldier was lightly wounded by errant gunfire from Syria, the third such incident in the last two weeks.

About two weeks ago, an Israeli sustained light injuries from a mortar shell that exploded in Kibbutz Ein Zivein in the Golan Heights.