Mofaz Calls on Netanyahu and Abbas to Renew Peace Talks

Mofaz: There is a historic opportunity today to establish a new national agenda.

Kadima Chairman MK Shaul Mofaz called Thursday on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return to peace talks

Speaking at a conference at Bar-Ilan University to discuss Kadima ideology, Mofaz said: "There is a historic opportunity today to establish a new national agenda. This is not a matter of forcing our worldview on anyone. It is not a matter of subduing some coalition partner. It is a statement and an act of leadership. The time has come to pass on to our children and grandchildren a proper country - a country within secure borders, a country with a Jewish majority, a Zionist country for all eternity."

Mofaz said there was no greater danger to the Jewish people than a binational state between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.

At the conference, the Kadima leader called for the immediate renewal of peace talks. In remarks directed at Abbas, Mofaz said: "Enough letters, enough talk and enough preconditions. Let's talk peace. Come now."

Mofaz also brought up the violence in Syria. "The Alawite massacre of the Syrian people is no less than a war crime - a crime against humanity," he said, adding that Syrian President Bashar Assad, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are connected by "one axis."

According to Mofaz, the United States, the European Union and other Western countries did not realize the time had come for action. "The axis of evil led by Iran is not a Jewish problem. The massacre in Syria is not only the problem of the Syrian people - the sensitivity on the northern border and the increased strength of Hezbollah endangers world peace and not only the confrontation line," he said, referring to Israel's northern border.

Mofaz added that "NATO intervention in Libya cannot remain an isolated case."

He said international intervention in Syria was justified, much more so than it had been in Libya.

He also said there would be "no choice but international intervention in Iran if talks failed between Tehran and the West and Iran choses to expedite its production of a nuclear bomb."

With regard to domestic policy, Mofaz said Kadima would "help Israel to find the central path." He said Kadima would not allow laws to pass that are designed as an end-run around the High Court of Justice, and said: "We will not make legal what cannot and must not be made legal," in an apparent reference to a recent bill to retroactively legalize the Ulpana outpost built on privately owned Palestinian land.

Mofaz said Kadima stood for the rule of law, protection of minorities, social justice and diplomatic moderation but would not compromise Israel's security.

Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz.
Moti Milrod