MKs Protest Treasury's 'Detour' of New Polio Law

The Pensioners Party and MK Shelly Yachimovich have announced they will work against the Finance Ministry's intention to abolish the four-month-old Polio Law through the Economic Arrangements Law.

"We will not allow the Finance Ministry to detour just laws by means of the Economic Arrangements Law," Labor and Social Services Committee Chairman MK Moshe Sharoni (Pensioners) said.

Yachimovich said that from the draft of the Economic Arrangements Law she had seen, the treasury appeared poised to strike down the law, which would harm 1,100 people with disabilities. She added that the cabinet had recently decided that a one-time grant or compensation would not be given to polio victims and that interim regulations would be enacted by which polio victims who had received such compensation would repay it by deductions from their monthly benefits. Other reductions in benefits determined by the new law would also be affected.

Yachimovich called on people with disabilities and the entire public to protest the treasury's intention.