MK Uses Nazi Salute to Warn of Fascism'

MK Issam Makhoul (Hadash) yesterday gave Likud MKs a Nazi salute, jeering them with a call of "Heil Sharon" and calling them "war criminals."

The outburst came after Deputy Knesset Speaker MK Rahamim Melloul (Shas) expelled the Hadash MK from the plenum following three warnings. Before the last warning, Makhoul called Sharon the "teacher of murderers."

Makhoul told Ha'aretz comparisons to the Nazis were designed to shock the public. "I was outraged because Sharon didn't come to the [Knesset] session, and because he is leading two peoples toward an ongoing massacre ... [he is ] responsible for the bloodshed and a trend of fascism in Israel."

Asked whether giving a Nazi salute at Israel's parliament might be offensive to Holocaust survivors, the Makhoul said: "I will apologize to any Holocaust survivor who was hurt. Holocaust survivors are heroes. They taught me not to keep quiet. I believe that we are very close to the moment of truth: either fascism or democracy will govern."