MK Seeking to Ban Booze Sales at Night

No more will you be able to buy alcoholic drinks after 9 P.M., from kiosks or food and beverage retail stores of any kind, if MK Haim Katz of the Likud fhas his way.

The only place you'd be able to buy intoxicating beverages will be recreational places such as restaurants and bars, under his bill - which passed its first of three readings into law yesterday.

Nor would you be able to buy booze at gas stations any more.

Selling alcoholic beverages on the weekend would also be a no-no.

The ban would apply from 9 P.M. on Thursday to 6 A.M. on Sunday.

Why? To significantly reduce teen access to spirits, explains Katz. Studies show that about half of Israelis drink, and other studies show that teens don't plan their evening in advance.

They buy alcohol spontaneously.

Ultimately the ban would reduce traffic accidents and violence too, Katz says, as well as reduce the uptrend in binge drinking in recent years.