MK Orlev Demands Home Front Commission of Inquiry

The chairman of the Knesset State Control Committee will move to set up a public commission of inquiry to probe the home front's readiness in the Second Lebanon War - unless the government starts correcting the deficiencies exposed by the state comptroller on Wednesday.

MK Zevulun Orlev (National Religious Party) said he would convene the Control Committee for 10 sessions to debate the comptroller's report.

If the cabinet fails to provide clear answers and plans to fix the malfunctions, Orlev said he would propose setting up a state inquiry commission to "kick out those responsible." The Control Committee is authorized to set up a state inquiry commission on the basis of the state comptroller's reports.

Orlev said he believed there would be a majority among the committee's eight coalition members and seven opposition members to form a state inquiry commission, as MK Shelly Yachimovich (Labor) told him she would support the move.

"Since the prime minister refuses to accept the state comptroller's findings, there is no choice but to probe the shortcomings in the home front, which are even worse than the army's. The war exposed the consequences of the government's renouncing social and general responsibility for the population," Yachimovich said.

"I am very disappointed and troubled by the reactions to the comptroller's report from the Prime Minister's Office and the IDF," Orlev said. "I feel they're trying to delegitimize the comptroller, Judge Micha Lindenstrauss (ret.) and his report ... I suspect the cabinet and its representatives don't see themselves committed to the comptroller's findings and recommendations," he said.