MK Eitam to Arab MKs: One Day We'll Expel You From Israel

Tempers flared yesterday in the Knesset when National Union MK Effi Eitam told Arab MKs that "one day we will expel you from this house, and from the national home of the Jewish people."

Eitam expressed his anger at Tuesday's rally in Umm al-Fahm, where demonstrators chanted slogans calling Israel "a Zionazi state" and urging "Gaza martyrs" to carry on with their struggle.

"No sane democracy can put up with acts of treason during wartime," Eitam said.

"We have to drive you out, as well as everyone else who took part in yesterday's unruly, reckless and treacherous anti-Israel diatribe."

Balad's leader, MK Jamal Zahalka, heckled him in turn: "You're a madman, a miserable character, a racist," and was ejected from the debate.

Ra'am-Ta'al MK Taleb El-Sana said Eitam should be imprisoned and court-martialed for his conduct as a senior officer in the Israel Defense Forces during the first intifada.

"He advocates the expulsion of Israeli citizens," he said. "Eitam belongs in the ash heap of history."

Eitam said in response that he did not call on an expulsion of the Israeli Arab community entirely, only Arab MKs and those who participated in Tuesday's rally.