Missing Tour Guide Found Alive in Golan, Bound and Wounded

A 60-year-old tour guide of the Galilee community of Michmanim was found in the Golan Heights foothills Thursday night naked, bound and bearing a gunshot wound to the head.

The severely wounded guide, Nir Gur, had been reported missing several days earlier.

A group of tourists discovered Gur, bleeding heavily and clinging to life in the Golan community of Mitzpeh Gadot. They summoned Golan District police to the scene, and Gur was taken by ambulance to Haifa's Rambam Medical Center in very serious condition.

Gur remains in intensive care, where his condition is described as "stable," with the shooter's bullet still lodged behind his ear. The man's family positively identified him on Friday.

Golan police have launched an investigation, but there are as yet no suspects, and it is not known how or why Gur arrived at Mitzpeh Gadot.

Yossi Gabbai, the interim commander of the Golan District police, said they were "turning over every stone to ascertain details that could shed light on this incident."

Gabbai said it was "a very strange case." He added: "Nothing is known about anyone Gur may have come into conflict with."