Michael Fox

Michael Fox was born in London in 1934. He spent the years of World War II running wild in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Returning to London after the war, he was educated at the City of London School and Kings College, London University where he graduated in law. He practised as a solicitor in London for 10 years before emigrating with his wife Sheila to Israel in 1968.


In 1972 Michael Fox founded the Tel Aviv law firm of Herzog, Fox & Neeman together with Chaim Herzog and Yaakov Neeman. Chaim Herzog later became President of the State of Israel and Yaakov Neeman is at present Israel's Minister of Justice. Any offers to Michael to accept high office must have been lost in the post so until his death in May 2009, he remained the only practising founding partner of Herzog, Fox & Neeman, which was by then Israel's largest law practice.


In 2003, he took on a second career as a regular columnist for the English edition of Ha'aretz. Michael’s columns appeared monthly in the paper until his death and the first fifty were published in book form in 2007 by Weill Publishers of Jerusalem. The title of the book is “Mountains and Molehills” and the essays included in it remain lasting proof of Michael’s talent, research, humour and idiosyncrasies. His essays were widely read and enjoyed.


Although Michael spent the bulk of his life in Israel and spoke and read Hebrew, he remained rooted in his English culture. In the New Years Honours List of 2003 Michael was awarded an MBE by the Queen.


Until his death, Michael Fox lived with Sheila in Herzlia within the sound of the Mediterranean.