Tel Aviv restaurants

It's not only in the world of high-tech that you find Israeli innovation. The spirit of the "Start-up Nation" has spilled over into the culinary sphere and nowhere is that more apparent than in Tel Aviv, whose creative chefs and food entrepreneurs have earned the city international acclaim.

With so much top chow to be found in the city, you might understand why Tel Avivians feel compelled to do so much jogging.

Walk around any street and you're liable to hear languages from every corner of the earth. This diversity is well reflected in the heterogeneity of the food in the White City. Tel Aviv is a veritable Babel of cuisine.

Craving a little cuisine from eastern Asia? Skip on down to Neveh Sha'anan for dim sum that rivals China's best. Looking to bring back the cheesy taste of childhood? Stuff yourself with some mouth-watering "bikini toast" from the city's port. It’s not your mom's grilled cheese, but that's because she couldn't cook like this. There's candlelit Italian for the romantic in you, street food for the cheapskate, eastern European if you're in nostalgic need of grandma's classic matzah balls. Indian, South American, French … food from just about everywhere for just about everyone. And with so many international options it's easy to forget that Tel Aviv's best fare perhaps comes from the indomitable venders of the classic Middle Eastern food: hummus and shawarma.

As for working off those calories, don't forget to buy some good running shoes. You'll need them … well, as soon as you're done exploring the after-meal bar scene and nightlife. Jogging can always wait. Tel Aviv won't.