Tel Aviv nightlife

The residents already know, and if you're a visitor, you've most certainly heard: Tel Aviv is one of the most intense party on the planet. From clubbing to barhopping to live music, if you have the willpower there's no limit to what a dedicated reveler can achieve in this holiest of unholy cities.

It's a good idea to start your night at a bar or on the street, as the strobe lights at the clubs don't truly begin to flash and the bass doesn’t really begin to pound until well past midnight. Beware – Israel is beginning to tighten its heretofore-lax public drinking laws. Fortunately for us all, Tel Aviv's bars are just as renowned and scintillating as its clubs, and make for a worthy legal drinking option.

When you do decide to move on to the club, the options are as plentiful and diverse as their patrons. The underground clubs might seem like a bad idea – after all, who puts a club in a bus station? But open your mind and the fun (and electronic dance music) will follow. If your heart's desire for your night out on the town is to experience one of Tel Aviv's more famous night venues, your best bet is to head north, towards the port. Regardless of where you end up, be prepared for mingling with Israelis and internationals alike from all across the party spectrum.

As in every great party city, there are experiences to be had outside of clubs and bars. Tel Aviv hosts hundreds of fantastic musicians ever year and boasts several sports teams whose raucous fans always make for a wild time.

The choices are endless, with just one path off-limits to you: Sleep!