Tel Aviv bars

While the clubs often get all the credit for Tel Aviv's much-purported crazy nightlife, "The City That Never Sleeps" owes as much of its golden reputation to its bars.

Many of Tel Aviv's bars, like its clubs, stay open all night even on weekdays, though it's best to frequent the pubs over the weekend.

Tel Aviv's bar scene is enchanting not only for its ubiquity – there's always a watering hole close by – but also for its variety.

Whether you're 18 or 60, whether you're looking for a glamorous night or simply wanting to blow off some steam with good company, good music, and a cocktail, Tel Aviv has a bar for you. There are lounges for sinners, saloons for saints, legendary pubs you've heard mythical tales about and tucked-away taverns. Heck, there's even an annual pub night with scientists (where you can stimulate those brain cells while burning a few.

With all these options, the question is where do you go? A Goldstar or an Arak at a classy bar in the center may taste the same as at a pub on Florentine, but the difference is all in the atmosphere.

We'll show you the hot spots of the city, and what you need to know before going out for a night of drunken merriment.