Israel food

A nation situated in the Middle East and on the Mediterranean, Israeli food is made up of cuisine brought to the country by Jewish immigration from all corners of the world as well as custom Middle Eastern cuisine.

Israeli food is generally classified as either Askenazi (European) food - traditional European Jewish meals from Hungary and Poland - or Sephardic (Eastern) - foods rich in spices and flavors, reflecting the cuisine from their countries of origin. Each group has contributed greatly to the evolution of Israeli food. The Arab population of Israel has also contributed to the identity of Israeli food with its North African and Middle Eastern foods like Humus and Falafel.

Israel’s cosmopolitan make up has provided Israeli food with a variety of flavors and choices. Many food establishments in Israel adhere to kosher dietary laws and keep dairy separate from meat; however, food in Israel is not always subjected to these laws. Over the last years Israel has become somewhat of a culinary capital, boasting several high class boutique restaurants in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and more, which serve a fusion of typical Israeli food and flavors from around the world