The Haifa-based Elbit Systems Ltd. is one of the world’s largest defense electronics manufacturers. Established in 1967, Elbit develops, manufactures, and integrates advanced defense electronic systems worldwide, and has been an integral part of Israel's Ministry of Defense-Research Institute. Elbit provides a wide range of services which for military aircraft, commercial aviation, naval systems, and homeland security systems.

Elbit operates primarily in the homeland security and defense arena, and has been at the forefront of innovative approaches towards dealing with conflicts and ongoing terrorist activities. Its products include thermal imaging systems, guided missiles and unmanned vehicles.

The company has played an active role in supplying the Israeli military with the technology needed for most Israeli aircrafts like the IAI Lavi fighter aircraft and for the Israeli Merkava tank.

Through the years, Elbit has expanded worldwide and has several companies in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. More recently, Elbit’s involvement in providing surveillance components for the West Bank separation fence has sparked divestment by some groups and organizations in Europe. (223)