Jewish settlers from an unauthorized West Bank outpost beat a Palestinian man with a club on Sunday, fracturing his arm.

The incident followed a clash over the use of a cistern in a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills. Police separated the two sides and later an officer returned the club to the settlers, who reside in Maane farm outpost.

The incident occurred after the settlers, who were herding sheep, directed the sheep to a cistern in a Palestinian village in the Masafer Yatta area, even though the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank had ruled that the settlers had no right to access the cistern for their flocks. Several Palestinian villagers sought to get the sheep away from the cistern and were attacked by the settlers. In addition to the man who fractured his arm, two women were injured in the clash.

Israeli police arrived a short time later, removed the Palestinians from the scene and advised them to file a police complaint. The police permitted the settlers to continue to water their flock from the village cistern. The officers took the club from the settlers but minutes later a policeman returned the club to the owner of the farm, Issachar Dar.

"A clash developed between [settlers] and Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills area," the police said in a statement. "Following that, an Israeli army force and the police arrived at the scene and separated the sides."

An officer who was not present at the time of the initial clash returned what was described as "a stick," the police said, adding that a complaint was filed over the incident and that the case is being investigated.