Ministry Refuses to Postpone Math Exam for Students in South

The Education Ministry rejected a request yesterday to postpone Wednesday's math matriculation exam, even though high school students from the south said the cancellation of their classes during the war in Gaza put them at a disadvantage.

However, ministry director general Shlomit Amichai did tell high school students during a meeting yesterday that the grading would take into account significant gaps in average class scores for specific questions compared to the previous three years.

The change is one of two safety nets the ministry announced. The second revolves around each student, taking into consideration whether there was a significant gap between the students' matriculation scores and their academic performance for the previous two years. In such a case, the students' schools would be allowed to appeal the score to the Education Ministry.

The ministry also said it planned to push forward its announcement of the areas on which the matriculation exams will focus, to give students more time to study the relevant material.

The student and youth council in the south chalked up the changes as a victory, despite not having convinced the Education Ministry to postpone the math exam.