'Zionist Regime Manipulates Judaism,' Says Tehran Jewish Leader

Iranian news agency quotes Homayoun Sameyah Najafabadi as saying that Jews attended Quds Day rallies to 'condemn the Zionist regime atrocities against Palestinians.'

A picture of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu among the torched detritus of a Quds Day rally in Tehran on Friday.
Atta Kenare/AFP

The Iranian news agency IRNA quoted the head of the Tehran Jewish community as saying on Friday that there is no link between Zionism and the Jewish religion and that freedom-loving Jews support the Palestinian people.

Israel's "Zionist regime is just a political party and there is no link between the Jewish religion and Zionism," Homayoun Sameyah Najafabadi, Executive Director of the Tehran Jewish Committee, is reported to have told the news agency.

Large crowds participated in rallies throughout Iran on Friday to observe Quds (or Jerusalem) Day. Iranian Jews living in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kermanshah attended the rallies to "condemn the Zionist regime atrocities committed against Palestinians," Najafabadi said.

IRNA quoted him as saying that "the Zionist regime is manipulating Judaism for materialistic purposes," and that all the world's freedom-lovers, including the Jews, are supportive of the Palestinian people. 

It said that Najafabadi "called on the world media to be committed to supporting the Palestinians and bringing to global attention the criminal actions by the Zionists against the Palestinians."