Yemeni Security Forces Forcibly End Aden Sit-in

At least 10 wounded when government forces disperse protesters from square where they had been camped out for two months; Yemen president set to sign transitional deal that will grant him immunity if he steps down.

Yemeni forces with heavy weapons on Saturday drove hundreds of anti-government protesters out of a square they had been camping for months in the southern city of Aden, said witnesses.

At least 10 people suffered bullet wounds in the early morning melee and then later when demonstrators angrily marched through several neighborhoods denouncing the move, said activist Wajdi al-Shaabi.

Yemen - AP - 30.4.11

He said a building and a small hostel were on fire, sending plumes of smoke over the city, and crackling gunfire and wailing ambulance sirens could be heard throughout the city.

Demonstrators had camped in the port city of Aden's al-Mansour district for around two months, seeking the ouster their president of 32 years, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Similar sit-ins have been taking place in other cities across this impoverished country.

A delegation from the neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council is meeting with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to invite him to the Saudi capital to sign a deal for him to step down in return for immunity from prosecution.

While Yemen's opposition political parties have also accepted the deal, the organizers of the protests themselves have rejected it because it will keep Saleh from being tried.