WATCH: 'We Didn't Need Iran to Come Clean' on Nuclear Program, Says U.S. State Department

AP reporter Matt Lee pushed State Department Spokesman Ret. Admiral John Kirby on what the U.S. government knew and when in regards to Iran's nuclear program before signing the Iran nuclear deal.

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MATT LEE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: For years and years the demand had been for Iranians to "come clean." Using those words -- to "come clean" on its past nuclear work, weapons or otherwise. Have they done that in your estimation?

KIRBY: Have they done what?

LEE: Have they come clean on their past work?

KIRBY: We would just point you to what the IAEA found.

LEE: The IAEA is not Iran. 

The whole point -- one of the main points of the negotiations and the reason sanctions were imposed in the first place was because Iran was refusing to "come clean" or admit what it had done before. Now you have a situation where the IAEA has come out and said, 'okay, they were doing this and this.' And Iran says no.

I don't see how that amounts to coming clean about their past work. But maybe it does somehow and I just don't see it.

KIRBY: We didn't need them to come clean for our sake.

LEE: Well you did for years and years and years.

KIRBY: We made our assessment. We knew what they were doing... the United States didn't need them to "come clean" because we already made our judgment.