WATCH: Syrian Rebels Release Video of Witness in Murder of ex-Lebanese President Hariri

Witness, Hussam Hussam, is a Lebanese citizen captured during takeover of intelligence headquarters in Damascus; says he has groundbreaking intelligence on the murder.

Rebel forces in Syria distributed on Sunday a video showing one of the witnesses in the 2005 murder case of former Lebanese President Rafik Hariri.

The witness is a Lebanese citizen by the name of Hussam Hussam who was captured during the rebel takeover of the intelligence headquarters in Damascus.

In the video, Hussam introduces himself, and asks to be transferred to Beirut where he claims he will provide groundbreaking information on the case.

The commander of the force that entered the Damascus headquarters said that Hussam will be transferred to Lebanon and will be handed to Saad Hariri as a "gift."

According to a report by Lebanese newspaper Al Mustaqbal, Husam was defined as an agent working for Syrian intelligence by the Lebanese, and as a false witness by the Syrian regime in everything related to the assassination of Hariri. Questioning of Hussam could indicate Syrian involvement in his death, and other Lebanese affairs.