Video of Putin Buying Erdogan Ice Cream at Russian Airshow Goes Viral

After spending hundreds of millions on Russia's S-400, Erdogan says Turkey wants to continue defense cooperation with Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin treated his guest Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with local ice cream as the two leaders attended MAKS air show on Tuesday. The video of the two strongmen showing their softer side quickly went viral on Twitter with one post of the video getting over 1.4 million views in less than twenty-four hours.

Earlier Putin and Erdogan inspected Russia's new fighter-jet Su-57 and walked around the air show exhibition.

Over 800 businesses from foreign countries are taking part in the MAKS-2019 event, which Russia hopes will shore up sales of Russian made aircraft.

Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey wants to continue defence industry cooperation with Russia, including on warplanes, following talks in Moscow with Putin.

Erdogan spoke after the leaders visited an air show outside the Russian capital where Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter jets performed demonstration flights and the Turkish leader inspected aircraft.

In another step that could further strain ties with NATO ally the United States, Turkey took delivery on Tuesday of a second batch of Russian S-400 air defence equipment.

"We are taking positive steps in the defence industry sector with the delivery of the S-400 systems starting," Erdogan said at a news conference alongside Putin.

"With that, in our meetings today we had the opportunity to discuss what steps we could take in various fields within the defence industry and what we could do," he added.

The initial delivery of parts of the S-400s, which Washington says is not compatible with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defences, arrived in Ankara in July despite warnings about possible U.S. sanctions over the purchase.

Washington has not yet acted on the threat, but it did begin last month to remove Turkey from its programme of manufacturing F-35 jets, which Turkey also planned to buy. In response, Erdogan said Turkey would turn elsewhere for jets to meet its needs.

Putin said he and Erdogan discussed cooperation on Russia's Su-35 jet and possible joint work on the its new Su-57.

"In my opinion, a lot has drawn an interest from our Turkish partners, not only from a purchase point of view but also from joint production," Putin said at the joint briefing.