Turkey Seizes Alleged Iranian Arms Shipment to Syria

Four Iranian trucks impounded on suspicion of carrying 'military materials' while crossing between Iran and Turkey.

Turkish customs officials have impounded four Iranian-registered trucks on suspicion of carrying "military materials" to Syria, a foreign ministry official told dpa Wednesday.

The official confirmed that materials had been removed from the trucks and sent to the capital Ankara for examination, but was unable to say whether or not they had yet been identified as having a military use.

Iran military rocket, AP, April 25, 2010.

The four trucks were impounded at the Kilis border crossing between Iran and Turkey late Tuesday.

Turkish daily Milliyet reported that the trucks had been seized following a tip-off and contained military materials.

Last year, Turkey joined the U.S., European Union and Arab League in imposing wide-ranging sanctions against Syria, in response to that country's crackdown on dissenters in which more than 5,000 have died according to United Nations estimates.

This includes a ban on the supply of materials with military use, the ending of transactions with Syria's central bank and the suspension of credit agreements.

On Wednesday, a ship carrying weapons bound for the Syrian port of Latakia was also intercepted in Cyprus, according to a Lebanese radio report.