Thousands Who Fled From Recent Fighting in Syria Return Home

Syrians displaced by recent fighting in the country's south have returned to their homes, according to the UN and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Families flee from the southern city of Daraa on June 28th, 2018

Just 150 to 200 Syrians remain stranded near a key crossing point in Jordan says Anders Pedersen, a top UN humanitarian coordinator in Jordan. Pedersen added that as "far as we understand they are almost exclusively men."

In recent months Assad’s forces have regained the area surrounding the Syrian capital of Damascus and pushed the rebels northward, toward Idlib. Assad has also gazed southward, wanting to regain control over Syria’s border with Jordan and Israel, causing refugees to flee towards the Israeli and Jordanian border.

According to the United Nations and human rights organizations, 270,000 have fled their homes in southern Syria. Some went to existing refugee camps and some to new tent compounds that Israel and Jordan helped establish. Others headed for the surrounding areas of Damascus where the fighting is over.

Syrian government forces regained control of the Naseeb border crossing with Jordan on Friday, along with a long stretch of the border between the two countries.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said some 60,000 Syrians have returned to their homes, while thousands of others fled to another area, fearing detention by government forces.