Thousands Protest Across Egypt to Mark 2 Years Since Uprising, Dozens Wounded

Protesters – mostly led by liberals and secularists – using anniversary to stage a show of strength in bid to force Morsi to amend a disputed constitution.

Tens of thousdands of Egyptian opposition protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square Friday to mark the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak's autocratic regime.

The protesters, mostly led by liberals and secularists, are using the anniversary to stage a show of strength in a bid to force President Mohammed Morsi to amend a disputed constitution drafted by his Islamist allies. They are also demanding freedom of expression and the independence of the judiciary.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to turn out for the rallies planned in Cairo and several other major cities. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups are staying off the streets to avoid clashes.

Clashes erupted in Alexandria after protesters surrounded and threw rocks at a police station. The police responded by firing shots in the air and using tear gas to disperse protesters, according to local media reports.

A group of protesters, identifying themselves as the Black Bloc,stormed a court house and blocked roads and tramways in the centre of the city.

Friday's rallies come a day after opposition protesters battled police for hours near Tahrir. The clashes injured scores of opposition protesters.