Taliban Link Attack on Prince Harry's Afghan Base to anti-Islam Film

Two Marines were killed in the attack at the base where Prince Harry is stationed in southern Afghanistan.

Two troops of the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan were killed early Saturday in an attack by insurgents at a base in southern Afghanistan, officials said.

The military did not identify the nationalities of the dead, but
news reports cited U.S. and UN officials identifying them as Americans.   

Taliban forces claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it a retaliation for a U.S.-made film that mocked Prophet Mohammed.

 "Dozens of mujahideen launched a big operation on Camp Bastion in Washer district of Helmand province and killed tens of American and other foreign invaders, while several vehicles and helicopters were damaged during the operation," spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said.

Prince Harry is currently stationed at same British-U.S. facility known as Camp Bastion/Camp Leatherneck in Helmand province.

A NATO spokesman said about 20 attackers had been killed.

Fox News reported that the camp was attacked with rocket-propelled grenades and light weapons, and said several people were wounded and several aircraft were damaged.