Syrian Rebels Claim They Captured Iranian Soldiers

'Free Syria Army' posts video featuring who they claim are soldiers from the Revolutionary Guards, who call on Ayatollah Khamanei to pull back Iran forces from Syria.

The Syrian rebel army, dubbed the 'Free Syria Army,' posted a video on Friday featuring Iranian soldiers and officers from the Revolutionary Guard who they captured during fighting in Homs, they claimed.

The video shows soldiers sitting against the wall, beside various weapons. One soldier is the main speaker, and presents himself, in Persian, as an officer in Iran's Revolutionary Guards. He said that he arrived in Syria in order to aide Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar Assad in the crackdown on protesters.

The officer turned to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, and demanded, in the name of the rebels, that Iran pull back its forces from Syria.

Throughout the video, the passports of the soldiers are presented, in order to show the authenticity of the recording.

The video begins at 0:49

Meanwhile, the official Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Thursday that 11 Iranian pilgrims were abducted by the Syrian rebel army.

Earlier this week, Al-Arabiya television reported that, according to a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard official, Hezbollah forces recently took part in fighting in the Zabadani region on the outskirts of Damascus, after "terrorist elements" attacked a Revolutionary Guard base in Madaya in the Zabadani region. According to the official, the Revolutionary Guard secretly asked Hezbollah to urgently dispatch forces to prevent the fall of an Iranian base on Syrian soil to opposition forces.

Moreover, there have been recent reports that Hezbollah was moving hundreds of missiles from storage sites in Syria to bases in Lebanon, fearing the fall of Assad's regime.