Syrian Civilians Hit by Chlorine Gas Attack, Activists Say

The civilians are said to have suffered chlorine poisoning during an attack on a rebel-held town in the Idlib province

Syrian White Helmet civil defense workers extinguishing fire following a bombing in Idlib, Syria. January 7, 2018.

Syrian activists say civilians have suffered chlorine gas poisoning during an attack on the rebel-held town of Saraqeb in Idlib province.

The Syrian Civil Defense search-and-rescue group said Sunday night that three of its rescuers and six others were injured by chlorine gas in Saraqeb, a rebel-held town less than 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the front line with government forces. The Syrian American Medical Society says its hospitals in the area treated 11 patients for chlorine gas poisoning.

The Trump administration on Thursday accused Syrian President Bashar Assad's government of producing and using "new kinds of weapons" to deliver deadly chemical poisons. The charge came after at least two reported chlorine attacks near Syria's capital. U.S. officials said the world needed to find a way to stop the attacks.