Raqqa From Above: Liberated ISIS Capital Is a City in Ruins

U.S.-backed troops search Raqqa for booby traps, land mines and sleeper cells, remnants of Islamic State's devastating rule that destroyed much of the city

An image grab of drone footage published by CNN shows the Syrian city of Raqqa lying in ruins prior to its liberation on October 17, 2017.
Screenshot / CNN

As Raqqa was wrested away from the hands of Islamic State on Tuesday, U.S.-backed troops combed the city for land mines, booby traps and militant sleeper cells, remnants of Islamic State's four-year long brutal rule that has seen much of the city's buildings leveled or in ruins.

Footage released by CNN showed what the Syrian city looked like on the eve of its liberation. On Tuesday afternoon, the four-month long battle for Islamic State's self-proclaimed capital came to a head when a senior commander of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces announced that the city had fallen.