Israel Strikes Iranian Base in Syria and Kills Two, State Media Reports

Strike on T-4 base in Homs would be the second Israeli attack on Syrian soil in two days after Jerusalem said it struck targets in retaliation for rocket fire on Golan Sunday

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FILE PHOTO: Missiles over Damascus, May 2018.
FILE PHOTO: Missiles over Damascus, May 2018.Credit: OMAR SANADIKI / REUTERS

Israeli missiles were fired toward a Syrian military base in Homs, state media reported late Sunday overnight, a day after Israel struck Syrian targets on Saturday in retaliation for rocket fire toward the Golan Heights. Two people are said to have died in the strike, and two more were injured. 

According to a military source cited by Syrian media, Syrian air defenses "intercepted" some of the missiles. The assault had hit several buildings, including ammunition warehouses and equipment that was stored at the T-4 airbase.

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 29

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The T-4 base has been targeted by the Israel Air Force in the past. It is home to Syrian regime forces, as well as an Iranian Revolutionary Guards contingent and Russian air forces. An Iranian cargo 747 plane flew to the Syrian base three times over the past ten days, supposedly unloading shipments from Tehran.

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Recent Israeli strikes in Syria.Credit: Haaretz

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is affiliated with the opposition, says at least five were killed, including Syrian regime soldiers, but that the count is likely to rise as some of those injured are in critical condition.  

On Sunday, the Israeli military confirmed it had targeted a number of military targets in Syria in overnight airstrikes, including two artillery batteries, observation posts near the border and an air defense battery.

Syrian state media reported that three Syrian soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in the strikes, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 10 were killed, seven of which were Iranian and Hezbollah militants.

The Israeli strikes followed two rockets fired at Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights on Saturday night. Initial Israeli military assessments deduced that the rockets were not accidental spillover from internal Syrian fighting, but an intentional launch. No injuries were reported in the incident.