Dozens of Syrian Refugees Approach Israeli Border Waving White Cloths

Refugees stop some 200 meters from border fence; Israel has made clear it would not allow entry for Syrians fleeing the fighting

People walk towards the border fence between Israel and Syria, July 17, 2018

Dozens of Syrian refugees walked toward the Israeli border on Tuesday. According to eyewitnesses, the refugees – some carrying white cloths - stopped some 200 meters away from the fence.  An Israeli soldier shouted at them to "go back." According to some reports, the refugees turned back.

The refugee camps along the border are are currently housing a few thousand Syrians fleeing fighting in the Daraa region. According to the UN, over 120,000 Syrians have fled the area recently.

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Israel has been monitoring developments in southern Syria in recent weeks while it is preparing for various scenarios, including continued humanitarian to Syrians fleeing the fighting. The IDF has said it will not allow Syrians fleeing the country into Israel and will continue to defend Israel's national security interests.