Syria Security Forces Kill Two, Day After Signing Arab League Cease-fire Deal

Anti-Assad demonstrators say the firing on the Bab Amro neighborhood in Homs followed overnight street rallies celebrating Arab League initiative.

Syrian tank fire killed at least two people in the old Bab Amro district of Homs on Thursday, local activists said, in the first reported deaths since the government agreed to an Arab deal to end unrest.

They gave the name of the two, whom they said were civilians, as Zeid al-Khal and Nafeth Bakkar.

homs syria - Reuters - April 18 2011

The firing on Bab Amro, a hotbed of protests demanding the removal of President Bashar Assad and lately, scene of operations by troops against insurgents hiding there, followed overnight street rallies celebrating the Arab initiative, they said.

Syrian authorities have banned most independent media, making it difficult to verify events on the ground.

The Syrian government accepted the Arab League proposal to end the violence which has swept the country since opposition to President Bashar Assad’s regime led to widespread unrest in March this year. 

The agreement, which was to go into effect immediately, guarantees a ceasefire, the release of all political prisoners and the evacuation of all armed security forces from cities across the country.