#ShutupTrump Trends on Iranian Twitter After Trump's UN Speech

Trump slammed Iran as a 'murderous regime' in his speech to the UN, but Iranians weren't having it

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Donald Trump addresses the UN September 19, 2017 in New York City
Donald Trump addresses the UN September 19, 2017 in New York CityCredit: Drew Angerer / AP

Iranians took Twitter by storm in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, using the hashtag #ShutupTrump. In his speech, Trump slammed Iran for "masking a corrupt government behind the false guise of democracy," and continued, "we cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles."

Some of the tweets performed a sort of "fact-checking" – responding to Trump's comment that the current Iranian regime had turned "a wealthy country into a rogue state." Others accused Trump of hypocrisy for calling Iran out for supporting terrorists while maintaining close relations with Saudi Arabia.

One of the tweets criticizing his speech, said, "Only #Trump can speak for 40 minutes about destroying a country and threatening and accusing other countries during a speech, and then say that we're fighting for peace! #ShutupTrump."

Other responses were less pragmatic. "#Trump said that Tehran publicly calls for death to America. But you know what? His crimes are so great that death for you is too small #ShutupTrump."

Trump is due to recertify the nuclear deal on October 15 and inform Congress whether Iran is complying with the terms of the agreement. Should the U.S. decide Iran is violating the accord, as Trump implied in his UN speech, this in effect would decertify it, leading to possible American withdrawal from the deal and renewed sanctions on Iran. However, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany are also signatories to the nuclear agreement.

The flurry of conversation also included some acknowledgements of Iran's problems, saying, "Trump said the same thing we say and think about our government, but it's unpleasant to hear from someone who's insane."

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