Security Expert: Iran Scientist Reports Possible Cyber Attack on Nuclear Facilities

Post by official at Finnish firm F-Secure publishes email claiming to originate from Iran's atomic energy agency, saying that a new virus stuck enrichment site in Fordo, Natanz.

Iran's nuclear facilities in Natanz and Qom have been targeted by a new cyber attack, a letter to a Finnish security firm said on Monday, with security officials unable to determine the authenticity of the claims made in it as of yet.

According to an email published on the website of F-Secure, and release by Foreign Policy, an official at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), saying that a "a new worm with exploits which have shut down our automation network at Natanz and another facility Fordo near Qom."

"According to the email our cyber experts sent to our teams, they believe a hacker tool Metasploit was used," the email posted by F-Secure said, adding that the alleged hackers had access to our VPN. The automation network and Siemens hardware were attacked and shut down."

The nuclear expert then said he knew very little about these cyber issues as I am scientist not a computer expert, adding that one of the virus' reported, and peculiar, side effects included randomly playing AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' in the middle of the night."

Mikko Hypponen, the F-Secure official who received the email, said that he could not verify the existence of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, and could only say that the email indeed originated from AEOI offices.