Saudi Women’s Unlikely Anthem: Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon

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"Drive My Car" by Nano Raies and Naseem Alatrash
"Drive My Car" by Nano Raies and Naseem AlatrashCredit: Youtube

Palestinian cellist, Naseem Alatrash and Syrian singer Nano Raies worked together on producing a rendition of the Beatles’ famous 1965 song, “Drive My Car”, as a celebration of the lifting of the Saudi women’s driving ban.  Alatrash arranged the piece, Arabizing it both lyrically and vocally, while Raies provided the vocal.

The song was broadcast by Public Radio International’s “The World”, a radio magazine with a  focus on international affairs.

The ban was lifted on June 24. The name of the backing artists, the 6-2-4 is a reference to this date.

“Drive My Car” was originally written by Paul McCartney, with some help from John Lennon, and appears on the 1965 album, Rubber Soul and was used as the B-side to the single My Michelle.

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