Syria: Satellite Images Show Destruction at Missile Factory After Alleged Israeli Strike

The images show that at least five major building were damaged in the strike, which Syria attributed to Israel

File photo: The facility in Syria that Israel allegedly struck in September 2017.

Satellite images showing the destruction at the site of the alleged Israeli strike in Syria emerged Saturday.

Syria's army said Israel targeted one of its positions in the Hama province early on Thursday. 

The images show that at least five major building were damaged in the strike. The site, the Scientific Studies and Research Center in the city of Masyaf in the Hama district, is a facility where precision guided rockets and missiles are developed for Syria's army and Hezbollah. It was also claimed to be where Syrian President Bashar Assad develops chemical weapons.

According to reports from foreign media, Israeli war planes crossed into Syria from Lebanese airspace and hit the Scientific Studies and Researchers Center. The attack reportedly killed two and caused extensive damage.  

The Syrian army general command described the target as a military facility, and said a nearby site where short-range surface-to-surface missiles were stored was also hit. However, a war monitor said the center in Masyaf has been described by the U.S. as Syria's chemical weapons manufacturer. 

Opposition forces also said the target was a weapons factory that develops arms for the Syrian regime and for Hezbollah.