Russia: Syrian Cease-fire Violated 29 Times in Past Day

Syrian rebels deny Russian claims that a missile was used to down a warplane.

Protesters shout slogans and carry Free Syrian Army flags during an anti-government protest in Aleppo, Syria, on March 11, 2016.

Russia's Defense Ministry said on Sunday a cessation of hostilities in Syria had been violated 29 times in the past 24 hours. 

The ministry said the violations took place in the provinces of Latakia (18 times), Damascus (5), Aleppo (3), Idlib (2) and Hama (1 time).

It added that a portable air-defense system was used to bring down a Syrian MiG-21 warplane over Hama province on Saturday. 

Syrian rebels denied the Russian claim that a missile was used to shoot down the Syrian warplane, saying it was downed by anti-aircraft fire.

In the meantime, a Syrian opposition spokesman arrived in Geneva ahead of peace talks, saying he was ready to engage in serious talks toward a political solution to end the crisis.